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Four Tips to Avoid Getting a Cold During Air Travel

“It’s all too easy to contract a virus while traveling. This can ruin a vacation or make it hard to get back to your daily groove after a recent trip. Use these four tips to reduce your risk of getting a cold during your next flight.


Air travel is exhausting enough as it is. What’s even worse is coming down with a cold right after you land. This can ruin a vacation or make it difficult to get back to your daily routine. Hectic airports, travel stress, and packed plane cabins weaken your immune system and make it all too easy to contract a virus. Are you tired of getting sick every time you fly? Avoid getting a cold during your Lipcoming trip by using these four tips.


  Face Mask

Yes, they look a bit dorky, but a face mask is one of the best ways to avoid contracting a virus. If you spend hours crammed into a tiny cabin with hundreds of other people and no fresh air, you’re more likely to contract airbome viruses. A face mask is a small measure you can take to drastically reduce your risk of getting sick.



   Hand Sanitizer

Almost every surface you touch will have come into contact with thousands of other people. Airports are, after all, busy places. It only takes one person carrying a virus for you to contract it yourself. Even if you avoid using hand sanitizer in your daily life, make an exception for air travel. Carry a small bottle in your pocket or purse. Make sure your lise it before eating and drinking.


Eat Healthy

Travel is stressful; this takes a toll on your immune system. Added to that, food available while traveling tends to be less healthy. Pack healthy snacks and avoid sugary food. Whenever possible opt for foods rich in vitamin C. This will give your immune system the fuel it needs to fight off infections.



Get Sleep When You Land

Make it a priority to get some quality shut-eye when you land. One of the best ways to strengthen your immune system is to ensure that you are well-rested. When vacationing, you may be eager to start exploring your surroundings. However, the best move is to take a night in and sleep. The attractions can wait. Start fresh the next day with a much lower risk of getting sick.



Closing Thoughts

Travel-related stress, packed airports, and poor diet conspire to land you with a cold when traveling. Fortunately, a few simple measures can save you a lot of grief. Stay sanitary, practice good eating habits, and promote rest to avoid getting a cold from your next flight.”

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