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Extreme Sports in Dubai

People like me, do not fancy a city just because it is lovely, peaceful or full of architectural wonders. What we prioritize is the level of adrenaline we may experience once in a city. Since we are considering Dubai in this term, I have separated 3 most extreme sports you will never regret having jumped into here. To be fair, just encounter the possibility of not finding all of them when you’re in Dubai, because of a simple reason- they are, let’s say, seasonal, designed for a couple of weeks- mainly they get started and closed on a specific date, considering both the business and the local weather conditions.
Extreme Sports in Dubai
Ok, a zipline is always stunning, but when you are 558 metres above the Dubai Fountains and when you have a whole 90 meters to enjoy ahead, it’s Barney-style legendary. What did it cost us to gain the tickets? – AED 600 for each. Trust me, it was worth it. We bought them at a Dubai Mall kiosk, since the zipline itself is built on the mall (Burj Residences Tower, Tower 3, Downtown Dubai) and ends inside the Fashion Avenue. FYI, booking everything beforehand here guarantees you an out-of-queue happiness. This joy is neither for the slimmest nor for the chubbiest, since you should be at least 50kg and not exceed 110kg. Additionally, if you have minors with you, they should be 10+ to join in the fun. Make sure, you fix your long hair and wear “tough shoes”, since nobody’s going to return your flying shoes.
Can’t get enough of it? There is another chance for you- skydiving. The following parameters will leave you speechless:
•free falling from over 4000 meters,
•from 0 to a maximum 201 km per hour
Financially, this pleasure will cost you AED 1750, however, the cost includes also a videographer: things like this should be remembered through a lifetime. In this case you should be 18+ and not more than 100kg to be able to step ahead.
Dream Jump
If you are a freedom-in-the-air freak, but are also concerned about your security, you will definitely adore the Dream Jump more. This is a free falling joy secured by a rope, which enables you to feel safe when you are getting close to the ground. When you are about to Jump from the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina, be aware that an eight-meter long platform awaits you. So, before the emotions get all over you, jump and surrender to the air without further ado.
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